How We Work?

Collecting Donations
All donations are collected by our website and different fund raising events and promotions.
GIVING The Donations
All proceeds are donated to the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.
Proceeds at work
The UF College of Veterinary Medicine will use all proceeds to fund pet cancer research.

Who We Are

Meet the Brothers Behind Pawsitively Curing Cancer!

Josh, 15 and his brother Bryce, 12 were always intrigued by the recovery collars their father sold. They knew it was a gentler collar designed for animals after surgery. Once they realized it was used for recovery from cancer and other life threatening diseases, they wanted to help make a change.

Their first dog, Sashi, had cancer and it was a devastating time for them. They later found out that 50% of pets over the age of ten develop cancer. With their own grandmother a survivor of both breast and lung cancer, they were determined to do something to make a difference.

They convinced their father to put a pink trim on the edge of his collars and give a portion of his profits to a pet cancer charity. When they couldn’t find one dedicated to pet cancer research, they decided to create their own. And that’s how Pawsitively Curing Cancer came about!

Through partnership with the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine they now know that all proceeds go exclusively to pet cancer research. Hopefully, when a cure for pet cancer is found it will transition into a cure for humans as well.


Join Our Sponsors

Together we can make a difference!

Join our list of sponsors and help us fund pet cancer research.  This is more than sponsoring a noble cause, this is sponsoring research that will save the lives of thousands of animals and help win the race against cancer in humans.


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